Challenges faced by international sales managers

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Challenges faced by international sales managers

Throughout these activities, companies must handle bureaucratic, technical, political, economic, linguistic, behavioral and cultural differences. Even if a small business does not pursue any international activities, a couple of these international challenges may show up while competing against or cooperating with a foreign company in its own domestic market or simply operating in a local community.

Language Linguistic differences affect the way of communication with employees, customers and business partners.

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Small businesses may also face the same linguistic challenges in local communities where the majority of the population is, for example, Hispanic, Chinese or Polish. Culture Culture determines the habits, holidays, behaviors and consumer preferences of every society.

While implementing a business strategy in a foreign country, you should consider all the cultural characteristics of the targeted society.

For example, you cannot sell beef in an Indian market, as cows are sacred animals in India. You cannot expect a boom in your sales before Thanksgiving elsewhere outside of the U.

Challenges faced by international sales managers

Cultural differences may also show up in local levels for small businesses. Business Attitude Information and knowledge about the business etiquette, attitude and habits of a foreign country are essential to successfully compete or cooperate with businesses in a market.

These attitudes also determine how businesses react to different situations in the market whether they act offensively or defensively. Small businesses can use the information about these different international business attitudes while competing against foreign companies in their domestic market.

Technical Development Differences among the technical development and facility of markets--internationally or within the United States--determine fundamentally the opportunities of production, sales and marketing of the operating businesses.

You can build your advertising and promotion strategy exclusively on the Internet if the majority of the national population or local community uses the Web as its primary source of information. References 2 Journal of Intercultural Management: She has experience in business and economic research, as well as program and project management in the United States and Europe.Challenges Managers Face and How to Deal With Them.

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Foreign laws and regulations

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presidential election, was a year of large-scale change and uncertainty. International management consists of building an effective strategy, structuring an appropriate organizational design and managing people in a cross-cultural environment. Many project managers and team leaders work hard to clarify team values early in the formation process.

The values outline acceptable and aspirational behaviors, and team member support of the values is a requirement. If the conflicts are personal, conduct a fair, frank discussion with the involved parties and indicate that behavior adjustment is expected immediately.

Greatest Communication Challenges for Managers Because the role of manager is so similar across industries and communication is at the heart of the managerial role, it stands to reason that the communication challenges faced by managers are common to the majority of them and stem from similar issues.

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Adjusting to the Role.

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