Edsa revolution for youth

Similarly, NGOs strengthened their existing networks and formed new ones to share resources and find security in their numbers amidst continuing military harassment. Ebbs and Flows of a Painful Transition The EDSA event and the wave of political democratization that followed changed the national terrain overnight. Development efforts continued to flourish as NGO works increased significantly amidst the newly won democratic spaces.

Edsa revolution for youth

Civil Disobedience

Posted on February 25, by edwin lariza Leave a comment Its cathartic power continues to provide relief and refreshes hope. The over arching and encompassing spirit cannot and will never be domesticated.

Its mystery remains unspoiled, not completely unfolded. Although debates over extent of healing still looms, it does not diminish the magical power of the historic event.

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Inevitably, haunting past events involving comrades, friends and the basic masses characterized the slow and painful process undertaken until that victorious day. The feeling of gratitude to God for my survival and the thoughts of my contribution in shaping the history has been cathartic.

Although my involvement pales in comparison to the intensity and period suffered by nameless and countless faces. The cathartic power of EDSA also refreshes my hope to attain full recovery from lingering illness.

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Chronic heart ailment, compounded by nerve disorder, has constrained my active life of service for three years now. The delay of complete healing makes me Edsa revolution for youth to discouragement and depression.

Even the so called EDSA heroes cannot claim exclusive right to the historical and mystical event in the Philippines.

For the spirit of EDSA is inclusive.

Edsa revolution for youth

It is above all and encircles all. What happened in EDSA 27 years ago reflects the truism of systems theory. The key concepts of the systems theory are wholeness, relationship, and homeostasis.

The beauty of systems theory is represented by the rainbow.

The Revolution of Roses, often translated into English as the Rose Revolution (Georgian: ვარდების რევოლუცია vardebis revolutsia), describes a pro-Western peaceful change of power in Georgia in November The revolution was brought about by widespread protests over the disputed parliamentary elections and culminated in the ouster of President Eduard. A Philippine delegation presented on the state of the music industry in the Philippines, focusing on opportunities for Spanish and other European musicians and music industry players in the country during the BIME Pro event in Bilbao. edsa revolution. ARTICLE FINDER the meaning of the EDSA People Power Revolution more than delusional hypocrites like Archbishop Socrates Villegas asks Filipino youth to understand the.

While there are only three primary colors red, yellow, blue there is a multiplication of colors when these link, interact, and overlap. Try to separate one from the other, and the beauty of rainbow is gone.

It is a culmination of respective struggles participated in by the basic masses who since time immemorial always take the lead as they are ones affected.

Then comes various sectors of diverse orientation, status, political and ideological leanings, colors and shapes. Youth, professionals, church people, businessmen and women, government officials, military and others.

All have contributed their share in shaping the Philippine history. Try to isolate one, and the beauty of the event is gone.

Such inclusive spirit should have been the focus in celebrating EDSA and in sustaining its gains and the struggle for change. Most often, movement for change and development in any field of endeavor is often hampered by bigotry and exclusivism.

Essential issues are sidetracked or left behind to give way to the struggle for supremacy misled by an illusion that one has the sole reservoir of truth and best approach in any given situation. It is only when one realizes the need to link with each other that the beauty of unity in diversity is seen like that of the rainbow.

Analysts from various socio-political persuasions attempted to explain the event. Some had to come up with new concepts as EDSA Revolution departed from any of the standard categories.

While new testimonies from living participants came out every year, they just shed light to understand the pattern of events and contributing factors.

But the mystery still remains. EDSA bloodless Revolution defied logic. For how can you explain this phenomenon: Elwood in his book, Philippine Revolution.

Quoted by his friend Douglas Elwood in the book, Doromal, an Ilonggo leader, was a witness to the event, having joined his old friend Fidel Ramos at Camp Crame and stayed there with him throughout those critical anxious hours.

Indeed, God acts through people, as surely as he speaks through people, and that he uses the sometimes complex interconnection of human forces to serve his larger purposes.edsa revolution for youth’s beginning The EDSA People Power Revolution was a series of popular nonviolent revolutions and prayerful mass street demonstrations that occurred in , which marked the restoration of the country's democracy.

Paredes on Duterte Youth's presence at EDSA: ‘Nandoon sila para mang-inis’ Published February 27, am Singer and vocal supporter of the Aquino administration Jim Paredes insisted on Monday that there malice in the presence of members of Duterte Youth during the EDSA Revolution commemoration at the People Power Monument.

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The real Edsa and all that Edsa nonsense The celebration is in docile obedience to an edict from Malacañang based on the impression that Edsa was a democratic revolution. Was it a revolution? nationwidesecretarial.com sir continue d sharing of info during your times in d batasanPambansa under presFEM nationwidesecretarial.com & d Youth deserv to know d.

A History of the Philippine Political Protest

At the height of the revolution, an estimated 3 million people filled up the portions of EDSA from Ortigas Avenue to Cubao. By February 25, people were also gathering on Mendiola in Manila and were on the verge of storming Malacañang Palace, where Marcos, his family, and a few allies were holed up.

CAMP AGUINALDO, witness to both horrific atrocities of Martial Law and the triumph of EDSA, plays a special role in this year’s 30th anniversary celebration of the People Power Revolution.

Edsa revolution for youth
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