Enrollment and records management system for

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Enrollment and records management system for

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Enrollment and records management system for

Get Access Enrollment and Records Management System for Royal Valley Essay Sample As computer technology changes at such fast phase, many businesses sectors try to cope up by upgrading computer system constantly in order to stay competitive.

Schools nowadays are more competitive in many ways in terms of technology. It is in demand and important for institutions like schools to provide services to people at more accurate manner. The automated way of service is utilized Enrollment and records management system for work more effectively and efficiently.

Enrollment is the process of entering and verifying data of student to register on a particular school.

Enrollment and records management system for

Different interrelated processes build up enrollment procedures called Enrollment System. Systems operations proceed faster, more efficiently and with greater accuracy than manual enrollment systems. Systems typically include data protection and backup frameworks. With the application of highly specialize system, the existing problem is lessened.

The school uses the traditional manual enrollment system. Data and information were kept on a filing cabinet, which finds difficulty and time consuming in retrieving the documents when needed.

Grades were also kept by the present teacher of the students, which has no assurance of safe keeping. It also takes a long time to process grades, lists of students, fees, and updates of entries. Every transaction of the students will be hold in the Business Office by the Disbursing Officer.

As the students pays at the cashier, the student will be given a manual receipt and the passbook will be signed. The cashier only has an original copy of manual receipt for backup. Their file can be accessed by anyone because it does not have a security. With these situations, the need of having an enrollment system will the records of the students should be implemented in this institution.

Before, every educational institution does have their own registrar, and to the Institute of Computing, it was really easy and fast because of the small number of students.

But now, they made it fair. Maybe the enrollment system was not really effective, but at least, there are improvements. Based on the interviews conducted by the group, the persons involved in the enrollment and records process encountered problems such as: Voluminous and time consuming of joining paper file.

Upon enrollment, the enrollee with fill up the Application for Admission form for personal information. The records in-charge will wait for the enrollment day to end before she will encode the information of the student on the Microsoft Excel.

Each year, the population of the students is increasing.

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As time goes by, the school may add sections in each grade level. After the enrollment, the records in-charge will encode all the information of the students and it will be divided by grade level.

All the information is encoded in the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. The information can be seen and accessed by anyone who will hands-on on the computer of the records in-charge. Multiple processes of recording data. Presently, as a matter of procedure, upon payment of a student, an OR official receipt is issued; every transactions, the student should bring the passbook to be signed as an acknowledgement that the student already paid.

These processes may cause to redundancy of data. Slow retrieving and updating of students accounts due to manual process.


Because of the manual process, the staff will retrieve data by scanning huge and tall files of paper documents, in order to update or to retrieve files of a particular student.

Project Goals The purpose of this project is to help speed up the process of enrollment and accessing the records and accounts of the students. This project will also help to minimize the efforts and time consumed by the teachers, the cashier and the records in-charge.

All the information will be stored in database. This project can help also can lessen the workload and provides accurate information needed of the school. As a result, it will benefit not only the students but also the administration of this institution as a whole.

The proposed system covers the following: Information of the teachers and other employees are not covered by the Enrollment and Records Management System.Enrollment Types of Enrollment.

Three types of enrollment are available: Self Only. A Self Only enrollment provides benefits only for you as the enrollee. School Administration software automates the administrative functions of schools including student information, admissions and records for school administrators, office .

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