Global warming and the energy greed

Physicist, PhD, bestselling author Global Warming and Religion Corporate greed is the primary motivation for global warming denial. However, the antiscientific attitudes of the religious right are being exploited to prevent the government of the United States from taking actions that might be essential for everyone's welfare. Here I would like to provide more justification for this claim. Evidence exists that many who deny the dangers of global warming do so out of religious conviction.

Global warming and the energy greed

Perhaps nothing is clearer to Puerto Ricans right now than the importance of having a good power grid. Hurricane Maria battered the island months ago, yet for many people the blackout continues. Not even the alleged 70 percent of Puerto Ricans with restored electricity nor the few solar-panel users who never lost power have escaped the consequences of this prolonged outage, which include increased crimebusiness closures and unemploymenta health care crisis and exodus to the U.

It is also seen as corrupt. People are suffering — something must be done. In the mids, the administration of Gov. PREPA — which during its mid-century glory days was a source of Puerto Rican national pride — began a downward spiral.

By the time Hurricane Maria hit, as Puerto Ricans soon learned, it was unable to fulfill its public mission. Mountains of this toxic waste was haphazardly discarded in Arroyo BarrilDominican Republic, where it leeched into the ground and water supply.

Global warming and the energy greed

Miscarriages and birth deformations spikedamong other illnesses. A lawsuit was settled in Coal ash has also been used as landfill when building affordable housing and highways across Puerto Rico. Still, no controls are in place to protect local water supplies from contamination. It soon became clear this tiny company could never get the job donetriggering investigations into the deal.

Similar contracts have followed, many also bearing the whiff of corruption. Data shows these foreign crews cost Puerto Rico 10 times more than domestic line workers. And still hundreds of thousands of people live in darkness.

Demand surged for for more resilient power systems. Photovoltaic roof panels went up on government buildings, shops and homes across the island. Numerous startups have emerged, generating hundreds of jobs in wind and solar production. Renewable energy sources like wind and solar have been gaining traction in Puerto Rico.

So whoever buys PREPA may publicly extol clean, renewable energy but in practice I wager that its development will see stumbling blocks. These fossil fossil fuels cause water and air pollutioncontributing to global warming.

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Dirty energy is also costly. Meanwhile, renewable energy prices were dropping.

Global warming and the energy greed

Wind and solar are now more competitive with fossil fuels. Puerto Rico has plenty of those resources. But embracing renewable power requires government commitment. But the reasons to do so are clear.

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Now the Puerto Rican people must pursue theirs. This article was originally published in Spanish.The EWF, which was founded in February of by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and Grid Singularity, will develop global blockchain technology for energy grids. The energy sector’s support allowed the EWF to secure $ million during the first funding round.

A smart grid – a network using two-way digital communications to monitor and react to energy-usage changes – generates a vast amount of data. Now, utilities are exploring ways to use this data to drive the energy industry forward, according to Drury Mackenzie, smart grid and innovation lead for.

Catalyzing Global Markets for Off-Grid Energy Access Table of Contents The U.S. Government has played a significant role in catalyzing global markets for low-carbon, low-cost drastically underestimates the total global warming impact of fossil fuel-based lighting.

Energy Report to Examine Cyberattack, Global Warming Threats.

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Implementing fixes, however, will take action in Congress, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz says. Global warming is widely recognised as the greatest challenge we face today. While there may be many causes, one major cause is attributable to current energy systems.

utilise the renewable energy potential of the prime biomass residues of the mill to enable export of surplus energy to the utility electricity grid. In this regard, empty. Hundreds of scientists involved in 40 recent scientific papers say the scare about global warming is based on hysteria and false science.

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