How to teach children to write

Only approximately 10 percent of the population is left-handed, with a common gene present in many left-handed people, according to the American Psychological Association.

How to teach children to write

Tiffany Brosig 10 Ways to Teach Children Numbers Kindergarten often begins with teaching students to recognize numbers.


Number Books Have students create their own number books. Provide pages that include the numerals you are working on.

Allow the students to create the set using bingo dabbers, stickers, or pictures. Click Here to download this free number book! Number Bingo Bingo is a classic, fun way to practice recognition of numbers. Students will enjoy playing this game, and they will learn their numbers quickly if you play it on a regular basis.

Here is a free Number Bingo to print. Squishy Mats In a gallon baggie, squeeze in some hand sanitizer or hair gel.

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Add a few drops of food coloring, and seal the bag at the top with tape. Allow students to practice forming the numbers in the goo using their fingers or a cotton swab.

Writing in Sand Sand is a great place to practice forming numbers. Students can practice formation without worrying on mistakes the way they do while practicing on paper or even dry-erase boards.

Play Doh Mats Students love to play with play doh any chance they get. They can form the numbers and make sets with balls of play doh to match. Grab these free play doh number mats here. Students love counting out the pictures and clipping the clothespin on the correct numeral.

Bonus points for working those fine motor skills! Anchor Charts Create an anchor chart for each number. Include the numeral and also other ways the same number might appear.

How to teach children to write

This will help students relate the quantity to the numeral and also see that there are many different ways to make a number. Show the number with pictures, tally marks, ten frames, and more. My Learning Our Numbers Pack includes large numerals and different ways to make each number, plus practice sheets to work on number formation and showing the number in different ways.

Hop to It This is a game to get students up and moving! Write numerals on note cards and place them on the floor around your classroom. You can also use die-cut shapes lily pads are fun! They then share out the number they landed on.

Songs with Movement Sing songs that get students using their whole bodies to create the numbers. The Numeral Song by Dr.

Students can listen to the song and practice writing the numbers in the air using big movements with their whole arm.Books That Teach Kids to Write and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle.

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Children with dyslexia spend a lot of time and energy learning to read and write. These are not passive learning activities for children with dyslexia.

How to Teach Your Students to Write an Essay