Smartpen custom paper products

Read More Aegir smart pen delivers the traditional benefits of pen and paper combined with all the power of digital notes. Everything the Aegir smart pen writes on Live scribe paper is digitally captured and stored on the pen. Then, when the pen is next connected to a mobile device or computer, it reliably transfers the data to the companion app. The app makes it easy to manage, backup, and auto-sync notes with popular cloud service applications.

Smartpen custom paper products

Imagine the possibility of writing on a piece of real paper, using a real pen with ink, then once done writing, in a few seconds, transfer what you have written to your iPhone, Android phone or computer without using a scanner?

Livescribe Aegir Smartpen, Marlin Edition, Teal Color (APX-00031)

Well, now you can using the Equil Smartpen 2! The Equil Smartpen2 is a very clever digital pen that automatically converts your handwritten notes and sketches into digital form almost instantly. Now, over the years there have been many efforts to help users to capture hand-written content into digital form using various strategies like touch screens, digital stylus pens which work with touch screens, but the ability to hand-write on a piece of paper and automatically convert the written content has always been elusive.

Now with the SmartPen, the tables have been turned! So how does this technology work? When you purchase your very own Equil SmartPen2 retail value approx R2,you get the Smartpen, a Reciever and the Charging Cradle which has a magnetic case.

When you are ready to start writing, you attach the Reciever to the top of your page.

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The partnership between Equil and OneNote, allows you to send your sketches and notes to OneNote, which is an excellent solution to save and organize all your hand written notes.

The Smartpen is increasingly becoming a critical component in adoption and use of OneNote by educational institutions and other Enterprises. To see the Smartpen in action, have a look at the video and happy digital writing with Equil Smartpen2!

To learn more about the Equil Smartpen 2, click here.includes the award-winning Livescribe smartpen, dot paper, smartpen applications, Livescribe Desktop software, Livescribe Online Community, and development tools.

The Livescribe™ smartpen is an advanced paper-based computer in the form of a pen that records. The Equil smartpen captures your thoughts at your pace, transferring notes in real-time from any kind of paper – cocktail napkin to notebook – straight to your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or computer.

Whether you’re a student, business professional, or artist, is the easy way to seamlessly take your handwritten innovations from paper to digital/5(28). This beautifully custom-made black leather large portfolio case is the perfect accessory to hold your Livescribe pen and a " x 11" student 1-subject or 3-subject notebook.

smartpen custom paper products

As an industrial company, we set Copy Paper and related paper products as our two main ranges of business. We can produce kinds of copy paper with different gems, sizes and . The smartpen uses Bluetooth to automatically sync your handwritten data to both mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (Windows) devices using the free Livescribe+ companion app.

Everything the Aegir smartpen writes on Livescribe paper is digitally captured and stored on the pen. Livescribe Smartpen - one of the most intelligent integration of audio, paper and the digital world.

Record everything you hear, say, write and draw with a Livescribe Smartpen. Promotional Gifts are a great Marketing Strategy for your Business.

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